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What is a truck with crane called?Single boom cranes are often used for vehicle recycling

Truck mounted crane refers to a truck with crane installed at the rear or rear of the cab for loading and unloading goods from the truck deck. Sometimes it is called Hiab by the original manufacturer’s name. Unlike mobile cranes, mobile cranes do not carry anything except equipment used for hoisting and lifting loads.
Types of lorry cranes.
A knuckle boom truck mounted crane can be seen on the right. It has two booms and a fixed hook at the end of the outer boom.

It is a single boom crane. Extend the main arm and adjust the load height with the hook on the cable.
Single boom cranes are often used for vehicle recycling. They do not enter difficult spaces as flexibly as a knuckle boom crane. The knuckle boom crane can reach into spaces, such as windows on the fourth floor, because of the extra joints on the boom.
The advantages of truck-mounted cranes.
The truck-mounted crane is very flexible:
If no crane is needed, it can still be used as a truck and can be loaded with a forklift.
They can easily visit the workplace.
If the capacity is less than 10 tons, they can use the corresponding truck license to operate (cranes over 10 tons require operators to have a high-risk work permit for vehicle loading cranes, unless they have a license for vehicle loading crane operators to supervise).
It is cheaper than a dedicated mobile crane.
It can add accessories for additional functions, such as augers and personnel cages.
How to control the truck-mounted crane?
Use a power take-off or PTO to power the crane.
Most of the new truck-mounted crane controls are installed on both sides of the vehicle and the remote control device allows the operator to observe the load from a safe distance.
The remote control enables the operator to do most things instead of deploying outriggers.
The truck driver can operate the crane and first deploy the outriggers.
The crane on the truck-mounted crane is only used to lift items up and down from the truck itself. The crane rating chart describes the limitations of the crane.
The crane rating chart shows that when the boom is in a horizontal state, when the boom is fully extended, the maximum weight of the crane can increase by 1040 kg, and when the outriggers are fully extended, the theoretical maximum is 5850 kg.



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