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Why cranes are suitable for many scenarios?

What is a crane? Cranes are based on the application of basic principles to lift or lower loads outside human capabilities through cables and roller skating.
To meet the needs of various industry,the design of cranes has been developed and can be applied to various scenarios.Modern crane designs include fixed tower cranes,gantry cranes, truck mounted cranes,etc.Next,we will take cranes as an example to explain why cranes are suitable for many scenarios.
Truck mounted crane is one of the most popular mobile cranes in today’s crane market.The truck and boom (hydraulically operated arms) is two components of truck mounted crane.This crane carries the load by the boom and is supported by counterweights and outriggers.It is because of this configuration that the truck mounted crane can adapt to a wide range of trucks.

knuckle boom truck mounted crane

knuckle boom mobile crane

Also, truck-mounted cranes have knuckle booms and telescopic booms to meet different scene needs.Knuckle boom truck mounted crane of the folding arm to make full use of space,compact structure,lower center of gravity and vehicle driving stability.The lifting mechanism hydraulic winch of the telescopic boom truck mounted crane relies on disc spring and friction brake,stable and reliable,efficient,low noise,small calorific value.

hot telescopic boom truck mounted mobile crane

telescopic boom truck mounted crane

The reason why the crane is suitable for many scenarios is also due to the many different optional attachments it has.You can install basket, brick clamp, grapple, forklift and auger according to your needs.In this way, the crane is more than a crane for lifting heavy objects.

truck mounted crane

crane with grapple

Speaking of which, you have understood why cranes are suitable for many scenarios. If you also have the idea of buying this truck mounted crane or other cranes,please contact us by email or phone.

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