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What are truck mounted cranes?The benefits of truck mounted cranes

truck mounted crane! You can imagine how good this heavy equipment is for performing different lifting and material handling tasks. According to the location of the crane, this heavy machinery can be divided into truck cranes and truck cranes. Truck cranes are more suitable for loading and unloading large equipment and heavy objects on the truck deck. Other industries that are beneficial to truck cranes include construction, cargo handling, and wire maintenance.
The truck-mounted crane will have an upper part and a lower part. The lower part is similar to a semi-truck, including a comfortable cab controlled by the operator. The upper part includes the crane itself and optional auxiliary operating room. Truck-mounted cranes with different truck sizes and crane heights are available, and can be selected according to the required application.

The truck-mounted crane is responsible for the loading and unloading of heavy objects. Therefore, the main factor that needs to be considered when designing this crane is stability. The lower part is required to bear the load to make the loading and unloading operations safe.
What are the benefits of using a truck crane? As mentioned earlier, there is a crane connected to the truck, which will improve site accessibility and better material transportation. The operator can drive the car through the highway as easily as an ordinary truck. The other main advantages of using a truck-mounted crane are to minimize operating costs, manpower requirements and preparation time. But the most important advantage is that it requires less space. The crane is a hydraulic power arm with multiple joints, which can be folded neatly when not in use.
How to use the hydraulic system with the truck-mounted crane? This truck crane combines the mobility and maneuverability of a heavy truck with the excellent lifting capacity of a crane. Both trucks and cranes are operated by hydraulic systems. Telescopic hydraulic cylinders are used in trucks and cranes for lifting purposes and can be precisely controlled from the cab. When the operator uses the lever control to transmit commands from the cab, pressurized fluid is pumped to the hydraulic cylinder and performs the required operation. The hydraulic system of the crane includes one or more double gear pumps, telescopic hydraulic cylinders, valves, filters, etc. The reachability of the crane depends on the selected telescopic cylinder and the applied pressure.
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Truck cranes are mainly used to transport heavy goods, such as special vehicles (such as ships, yachts and motor cruisers), portable cabins, steel containers, and heavy machinery. To ensure safety, the truck crane must be checked before each operation.
Truck crane parts.
Boom and boom: Boom and boom are an important part of crane crane structure. The boom contains one or more telescopic sections to lift and position the load to the desired height. The cantilever is a lattice structure that can be connected to the end of the boom. The cantilever will be used as an auxiliary arm to provide additional elongation distance for the crane by reducing the impact on the overall load.
Double gear pump: The double gear pump is a key component of a truck-mounted crane, helping to pressurize the hydraulic system. The pump will be connected to the hydraulic pipes, pistons and hoses in the circuit. The engine will power the two gear pumps.
Outrigger: The outrigger is a retractable beam that can increase the stability of the crane in the stationary and lifting positions. This component distributes the load to the ground and stabilizes the heavy equipment.
Counterweight: The large heavy objects used to stabilize the crane when handling loads are called counterweights. The load will be placed on the back of the crane to balance the load.
Rotex gear: Rotex gear is a large gear located under the cab, which is operated by a joystick controller. This gear allows the operator to rotate the boom to the left or right.



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