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Knuckle Boom Truck Mounted Crane VS Telescopic Boom Truck Mounted Crane

Truck mounted crane is a kind of equipment that can lift, turn and lift cargo by hydraulic lifting and telescoping system, usually assembled on a truck.This advantage of its ease of use and flexibility makes it popular in the crane market.The most common type of truck mounted crane is knuckle boom truck mounted crane and telescopic boom truck mounted crane, so how do we choose? Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of these two boom type.

4 ton knuckle boom truck mounted crane

Knuckle boom truck mounted cranes work more efficiently

As the knuckle boom crane uses several hydraulic cylinders to form a joint-like boom connection mechanism, it is able to complete its movements faster and work more.

And the telescopic boom crane adopts a set of wire rope collection and lifting structure.Reel positive rotation of rope collection, hook up, reverse rotation of rope release, hook down, its efficiency is low.

Knuckle boom truck mounted cranes can add a variety of auxiliary tools

The knuckle boom crane adopts the device of hydraulic cylinder to form a device like the articulated arm manipulator, which can be equipped with auxiliary tools such as empty working platform, work bucket, jig, basket, plate fork, high various grasping tools, auger, tire loading manipulator and pile extractor.But the front section of the telescopic boom crane is a soft wire rope, the addition of auxiliary equipment is relatively rare.

Knuckle boom truck mounted cranes is more suitable for narrow working environment

This is determined by its structure. Knuckle boom cranes are more suitable for small working environments such as factory warehouses, while telescopic booms require more space due to their structure.

Knuckle boom truck mounted crane takes up less space on the whole vehicle

Knuckle boom crane can shrink the whole boom together when transporting goods, while the boom of telescopic crane can only be placed horizontally, which occupies more space when the vehicle is driving.

Knuckle arm structure is complex and relatively high price

The knuckle boom crane structure is relatively complex and requires higher precision, so the overall manufacturing cost and price is relatively high.In contrast, the telescopic boom structure is relatively simple, and the manufacturing precision requirement is relatively low, so the overall cost is relatively low.

Telescopic boom crane with wider working radius

With the same boom length, the telescopic boom truck crane can also expand the working depth by means of putting longer wire hooks, and the knuckle boom truck crane is not easy to complete for the deeper work required.

Telescopic boom crane for more controlled vertical take-off and landing

The telescopic boom crane uses a lifting structure with wire rope take-off and release, which allows strict control of the lifting and lowering of the load, whereas the knuckle boom crane uses hydraulic cylinders, which make it difficult to control the vertical lifting and lowering of the load.

Telescopic boom crane is relatively simple to operate

The telescopic boom crane uses a hoisting structure with a reel to collect and release the wire, which is relatively simple to operate. The knuckle boom crane is operated by a number of hydraulic cylinders, completing a robotic-like action, which is more difficult to operate.

Telescopic boom crane are easier to mount on the whole chassis

The telescopic boom crane is structurally loose, which facilitates the dispersion of the entire load, and the centre of gravity is also farther away from the installation position. Especially when lifting heavy loads, it is more favourable to disperse the chassis axle load.

The structure of the crane with the folding arm is more concentrated, whether it is mid-mounted or rear-mounted, the centre of gravity is concentrated on a certain axle of the chassis, which often produces a larger load on a certain bridge and is not conducive to the installation of the whole vehicle.

There is no best, only the most suitable, the purchase of truck mounted crane depends on the need for operational purposes.

Knuckle boom truck mounted cranes are suitable for warehouses and factories with small working space, and can be equipped with various auxiliary tools. The telescopic boom crane is more suitable for open working environment, for some simple vertical lifting, etc.. In a word, which one to choose still has to be based on their own working environment.

However, whether it’s a knuckle boom mounted crane or a telescopic boom truck mounted crane, just contact us if you need one!


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