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Effectively reduce fuel consumption of dump trucks

Dump trucks require a lot of fuel to operate. This is the biggest operating cost in your daily operations. Some models are more fuel-efficient than others. Category 8 models usually get about 3.2 gallons of gasoline per hour in short-distance transportation, and about 6.2 gallons per hour in highway transportation.dump truck with crane
If you want to reduce fuel costs over time, it is very important to use fuel efficiently. Driver behavior has a great influence on fuel efficiency. According to industry sources, the impact of drivers on fuel economy is between 20% and 30%. Based on your findings, you can customize training to focus on areas that need improvement.
Analyze the behavior of the driver.

Today, we have data on driver behavior that can be used to guide drivers to consider fuel efficiency when driving. Looking for something like:
Percentage of idle time (not in the workplace)
Brake hard
Choose a route.
Evaluate your dump truck specifications.
In order to effectively evaluate fuel economy, you need to specify the truck’s specifications.
The three specifications to remember are:
Tire pressure monitoring/inflation.
Manual and automatic transmission.
Dump truck is a force that cannot be ignored. When they drive, air flows around it, forcing the air to interact with the truck. The wind or air resistance opposite to the direction of movement of the object is called resistance. Up to 50% of truck fuel is used to reduce this air resistance.
In this example, the influence of aerodynamic pull on certain parts of the truck is best explained:
In summary, the best way to explain this phenomenon is to hurry up and work hard. You need to drive a lot of power.
Recommended equipment.
Aerodynamics under the trailer.
Wheel aerodynamic cover.
You can put the equipment under the trailer to help reduce air resistance. This is the so-called trailer skirt under the car. They are the most popular devices to solve resistance. They extend the side walls of the trailer closer to the group, thereby reducing air flow under the trailer.
Using trailer skirts can save 1% to 5% of fuel.
You can install brake discs on the wheels to better withstand the aerodynamic resistance around the tires. These optimize aerodynamics to save fuel and minimize maintenance requirements.
If you specify your aerodynamic equipment, you might see a 1-10% reduction in the fuel consumption of dump trucks.
Tire pressure monitoring and inflation.
The most important thing is that if the tire is inflated less than 10%, the rolling resistance is rolling resistance. If your tires are not fully inflated, your truck may not be the most suitable risk for transportation or loading. A puncture occurs when driving on the road. In this case, it will cause service delays and make the nervous customers unable to complete their work. Make sure your tires are fully inflated to avoid trouble.
Proper tire inflation can reduce the fuel consumption of dump trucks. They can better withstand sudden braking and acceleration. Look for tires with excellent fuel efficiency. In addition, you can invest in some low-resistance tires to better resist air resistance.
Manual and automatic transmission.
The manual gear is known for better fuel economy, but it needs an experienced driver to get it. The automatic transmission can be driven by an inexperienced driver while providing the same fuel economy.
Reduce dead angle load.
Nothing is more expensive than hauling air. The fleet can take steps to ensure that they get the maximum profit from a gallon of diesel.
The best way to reduce the no-load load is to create opportunities for the return journey as much as possible. They can gain extra load by stopping at a nearby quarry or visiting a nearby construction site.



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