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The Difference Between Truck Crane And Truck Mounted Crane

    Truck crane is a equipment that realizes the lifting, turning and hoisting of goods through hydraulic and telescopic systems, which is usually assembled on truck vehicles.Truck crane is also a kind of crane installed on an ordinary automobile or special automobile chassis. It’s driving cab is set separately from the lifting control room.Reading this, you may still feel confuse, and only can distinguish their name. Don’t worry, let’s move on to see where the difference is.

Truck Mounted Crane)

Functional differences

Truck mounted crane is composed of lifting arm,turntable, frame, outrigger and other parts. Through the combination of luffing, telescopic, rotation, hoist and other actions to realize the lifting operation. And the truck crane is a crane installed on the chassis of the car.

Truck cranes can only be hoisted for engineering construction.But the truck mounted crane can not only for engineering construction,but also for cargo transportation,urban greening and so on,achieving dual use of one vehicle and multiple uses of one vehicle.

Truck crane can be lifted in a wide field, and the knuckle boom truck mounted crane can also be lifted in relatively narrow places such as warehouses and docks. Truck crane is limited by the terrain and is suitable for relatively wide and flat site.

Advantage difference

The advantages of the truck mounted crane are good mobility, rapid transfer, integrate lifting and transportation functions, improve resource utilization, and the price is cheap.The advantages of the truck crane are good mobility and fast shipping.

Price differences

The tonnage of truck mounted crane is small, and truck crane is large. Due to its many functions, truck mounted crane not only improves efficiency, but also saves labor.This results in significant cost savings.But for truck cranes, the cost of use and maintenance are higher than the price of the truck mounted crane, not to mention others.

Precaution difference

Before the operation of truck mounted crane,you must ensure these following aspects:

  1. All operating devices are normal
  2. The wire rope complies with safety regulations
  3. Brakes, hydraulics and safety devices are complete and responsive
  4. Avoid lifting and landing booms under load/It is forbidden to change the joystick before the boom takes off and lands securely

Before the operation of truck crane,you still have several aspects to ensure:

  1. Test lift first/Avoid lifting too high/Speed should be slow and uniform /Reducing the time of the object in the air
  2. Pay attention to the wear of the steel rope during operation/When the elevation angle of the boom is large, it is necessary to keep the sling tensioned, lower the boom, loosen the rope, and remove the hook
  3. When the load is close to the rated weight, it will not rotate in the air above 0.5m above the ground
  4. The throttle should be small when dropping the arm and large when the arm is raised

Due to the limited space of the article, there are many details differences between the truck crane and truck mounted crane, which cannot be described one by one.If you want to know more, please contact us:

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