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Introduction of marine cranes and lifts

For various reasons, the ability to remove the boat from the water is very important.
This can be used for any simple lift to protect the vessel from the effects of any long time the vessel sits in the water, not to mention any type of overhaul or maintenance in a small area.marine cranes

In addition, the ability to launch the boat greatly increases the capacity of the facility and the flexibility of operating the boat, rather than in a limited space on a floating dock or a fixed dock.
For these reasons, most special small ship ports have regulations for launching small ships. Over time, various systems have been developed, and the number of these systems changes with changes in technology and ship types.
Stationary systems usually use elevators in set locations to retrieve ships from the water. Once the vessel is removed from the water, it will be transferred to a trailer for transportation and stored in a storage site or maintenance facility. Or, if the vessel is the only vessel in the facility, or a special system, the vessel will stay on the elevator until it is put into service again.
Boom. This is the most common type of retrieval system and consists of a crane mast that rotates around a vertical axis. The elevator is installed on a car on a fixed arm (cantilever), the arm swings in the water and passes through the boat. The ship is equipped with a wire rope sling, which is connected to the accessories on the ship. Then, the crane hook is connected to a pick-up point on the wire rope sling to lift the ship out of the water. Once the ship is lifted to the top of the seawall, the crane will rotate around its axis and place the ship on the waiting trailer. After the ship is loaded on the trailer, the trailer will be stored in a dry yard until the ship is put into use.
For small ships, a similar system is used, which uses a forklift mounted on a fixed vertical mast, whose operation is similar to a mobile forklift with a negative elevator, and is becoming more and more common. The forklift rotates around the mast, puts the fork in the water or on land, and the mobile forklift can enter the ship. The system is more efficient for stacking and more efficient, because traditional forklifts can also store and retrieve containers.



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