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What is the salary of offshore crane operators?

An offshore crane operator works on a deep-sea oil rig. Cranes are used to lift people and heavy equipment. In some cases, crane operators working on offshore oil rigs may be responsible for supervising other workers or routine maintenance. Although crane operators tend to have relatively high salaries compared with other types of material handling machine operators, offshore crane operators tend to have particularly high salaries. The salaries of offshore crane operators reflect the challenges and risks of long-term work on oil rigs.

Wages of crane operators.
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics or the Bureau of BLS, the average wage of crane operators in various industries is US$30.77 per hour, and the average wage is US$64,010. The median wages from May to 2020 each year are $59, $710, or $28.71 per hour because very high wages distort the reported average.
Half of all crane operators reported annual salaries ranging from $44,270 to $76,190. However, offshore oil rig crane operators often earn more. In 2020, 10% of crane operators’ income will exceed $958,000.
The income of crane operators is also higher than that of other workers in their broad occupational group. For example, the median annual salary is the work of various material moving machine operators, including crane operators and offshore excavators, which is $37,450.
According to statistics published by the salary website, for an offshore crane operator, the national average salary is US$49,500,41 per year in 2021, but this figure is based on a very small self-reported salary. FederalPay.org reported in 2019 that the average annual salaries of crane operators and the U.S. Coast Guard and Maritime Administration were 66, 760.58, and 68 and 910.70, respectively.



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