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The difference between bucket truck and boom truck

The price of a bucket elevator mainly depends on its design (articulated/straight line) and its height. Generally speaking, the price of a bucket truck with a bucket that can be increased to 15 to 160 feet is between 80,000 and 450,000 U.S. dollars. The higher it can go, the more expensive it is.

What is the difference between a boom truck and a bucket truck?
Bucket trucks are sometimes called boom trucks. Both are the same thing. Perhaps the biggest difference between bucket trucks and boom trucks is that bucket trucks are usually smaller. The boom truck is bigger and taller.
What is the role of a bucket or boom truck?
Bucket trucks or boom trucks are designed to safely move and lift people so that they can easily work in places that cannot be safely reached by ladders.
They are considered work trucks and are usually used by power companies, equipment rentals, contractors, and utilities. These departments must provide safe workplaces for employees to work.
The best part of them is to increase the side extension distance at high altitudes and reduce the tail swing, which is safer to use.



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