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why do mini cranes use the word spider?

What is a mini crane? Why is the word spider sometimes used when referring to mini cranes?

A small crane is a specially designed and manufactured small and compact crane that lifts relatively lightly. When the lifting requirements are located in narrow aisles, space is limited or there are obstacles, micro cranes will be ideal for the job. Small cranes are designed to be used where conventional or larger cranes cannot reach or are not economically justified.
Due to the design of the legs, the term spider is often used to describe miniature cranes. The legs have the appearance of a spider leg design, which often leads users to refer to the spider when describing the mini crane.
Can a crane go through a door?
Yes. In its travel configuration, it is less than 30 inches (750mm) wide and can pass through any standard door.
Can an elevator be fitted with a crane?
Yes. Between construction/skip lifts, freight lifts, or standard lifts, we can usually install in lifts depending on the situation. Our cranes are small and light.
Can I get the crane up and down the steps?
All have to do with climbing ability, terrain, and stability. The steps are usually steeper than this. Stairs are generally not compatible with mini cranes, but possible. Ramps are not a problem. Call us to discuss.
How does the crane travel and perform on rough terrain?
Excellent We have larger tracks, wider footprint, more ground clearance, lower center of gravity, and more power than the competition. The result is a more stable machine, especially in rough workplaces.
Does the crane have a 360-degree swing?
Yes. The swing is continuous and has no limits. Equipped with a safety device to limit arm swing in the operator seat. This is to prevent the arm from coming into contact with the operator and to prevent unsafe lifting from the operator’s head. When using the remote, a 360-degree swing is allowed since the operator is not in the seat.
Are cranes good for cold weather?
Yes. These machines can meet the cold conditions of northern latitudes. We offer cold weather modifications for extreme climates.



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