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What else do I need to know about a crane license?

The license required to operate the crane depends on the location of its use. If the crane is located on private land, no crane permit is required.

If you need to use cranes on public highways/roads, you need to obtain permission from the local council under section 169 of the Highway Act 1980.
What else do I need to know about crane permits?
Therefore, if you want to apply for a permit, you need to contact your local authority (understand that your local authority is using this handy postcode inspector) to ensure that you meet the eligibility requirements and have all relevant documents. You also need a site plan (to scale) of the size of the crane location and the sailing area (any area where the crane may swing outside the work area).
The person applying for a crane permit must be a person who ensures that the permit conditions are met. Or, if you choose to use a company, they must own and maintain a £5 million public liability insurance like Altida, and crane operators must be certified.
The applicant must also ensure the following:
The safety of the masses. This has always been the primary consideration when operating a crane.
Public liability insurance covering public highways must be purchased.
When the crane is not in use, it must always be supervised and removed from the highway/road.
The work area must be sufficiently tapered and isolated to protect pedestrians.
Crane permit holders must notify residents and businesses of any work in advance.
Vehicles and pedestrians must always enter (unless the road closure is effective)

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