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What can a mini crane do?What are the advantages of mini crane?

Use the vacuum glass carrier to hang on the hook block or install it on the searcher hook, even under the roof, you can install the glass where needed. Mini cranes are another popular application for indoors, enclosed spaces, narrow spaces, and narrow passages.mini crane 1 ton
The miniature crane can be transported to the upper floor of a high-rise building by a service elevator, and then the wire rope is lifted from the upper part in several stages for the installation of external walls such as glass frames. It is one of the most popular applications of miniature cranes, which can shorten the construction period and reduce costs by avoiding the use of expensive tower cranes.

Even in narrow places or spaces with obstacles, the mini crane can also play an important role in safety through four supporting legs. Using the working range limitation function, even if there are obstacles (such as power cords) that you want to avoid contact with, you can achieve safe lifting work.
Light mini cranes can be placed on the roof to lift materials from the ground. There is no need to block the road with a large crane, and usually, the work of a tower crane can be undertaken by a small crane. Therefore, a shorter construction period and cost reduction can be achieved. Small cranes can be easily lifted to the roof by tower cranes or elevators.
Steel structure installation projects are used in various building structure installation projects and steel tower installation projects.
Used for lifting building materials such as airports, railway stations, and dam construction sites. Due to its convenience in enclosed spaces, our miniature cranes have been used in the construction of many world-renowned facilities.
Used for hoisting residential materials from inside and outside the house. The easy access from the cliff edge to the courtyard is the specialty of our mini cranes, which cannot be done by large cranes.
It is used for equipment maintenance, line replacement, and material hoisting in automobile manufacturing plants, chemical plants, factories, and other places where there is no bridge crane and insufficient space.
The slender body of our mini crane means that entering through the door is a simple job, and can work indoors or in limited areas. In construction sites where the road needs to be blocked to use large cranes, small cranes can easily enter, reducing costs.



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