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What are the types of crane trucks?

Truck-mounted crane with hydraulic operating arm. The crane is mounted on rubber wheels, which is one of the most valuable features of the truck. It is easy to move the truck from one location to another. If you want to move heavy objects on highways and streets, this is the first choice for cranes.

Due to the versatility of this crane, you can also use it for stationary operations. The outriggers only need to extend horizontally or vertically from the bottom of the truck.
Knuckle boom cranes are widely sought after for their versatility, efficiency, and flexibility. If you want to load and unload heavy objects from the vehicle effortlessly, this crane is your first choice.
Depending on the task at hand, you can choose to reduce its size to a lower profile. If you want to cross narrow streets or spaces, please choose this type.
For your off-road applications, off-road crane trucks. As the name suggests, the truck performs well on rough terrain. The sturdy industrial tires on this truck make this possible.
This crane is very popular and used to transport materials for construction and bridge construction projects. The same machines are also used in chemical plants.
Last but not least, you can choose an all-terrain lifting truck. Trucks enable you to transport heavy materials on all terrains, whether on-road or off-road.
Thanks to the advanced suspension system, your cargo can be transported safely and reliably until it reaches the intended destination.



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