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Wheel loader can move quickly around the landing zone

The load-bearing base of hydraulic loaders mainly affects mobility and stability.
Wheel Loader-Can move quickly around the landing zone (see Front Loader), but is not as sturdy as a crawler loader.
Crawler loader-slower but more stable. It is also more expensive.
Trailer loader-The cheapest loader option is the trailer loader. It is pushed or pulled into position by the tractor and then stays in place during harvest. This means that the extractor must transport the stems within the reach of the loader.

Loader type
A knuckle-arm loader is a swing machine with a boom specially designed for handling logs. They may be track-based, wheel-based, or trailer-mounted. The trailer-mounted version itself cannot move around the landing site. The folding arm loader adopts a fast hydraulic system design, which can realize fast swing and boom movement. The grab is mounted with pins, and the rotator helps to locate the logs to be loaded.
Wheel loaders and tricycle-based machines are also used to load logs onto trucks. These machines use a set of forks with grabs to pick up logs. The main advantage of the wheel loader is the ability to pick up and load a large number of logs, thus shortening the loading time.
The vehicle loader is a cantilever loader directly installed on the log truck. The operating table and the boom are installed together on a base. The operator station consists of a seat with a control device and no cab. The vehicle loader is only used for loading short logs, and its disadvantage is that it reduces the payload that the truck can carry.
Generally used in logging yards, some self-propelled loaders are mounted on a wheeled articulated chassis.



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