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Truck-mounted cranes are usually used for load handling

Truck-mounted cranes are usually used for load handling. In many cases, this involves moving heavy objects, which can put a lot of force on various parts of the crane. Learn how simulation can help identify the effects of these forces and enhance crane operations.

Mobile machine
According to the design, the crane has mechanical advantages and can lift and lower heavy materials that require more than human power. In many applications of this machine-from construction to wire maintenance-an advantageous feature is mobility. Truck-mounted cranes can move freely in all directions and travel on highways, which helps avoid the need for additional transportation equipment.
What is the difference between a truss boom and a telescopic boom?
Unlike truss booms, telescopic booms are usually hydraulic. They are hinged at the bottom where the boom meets the crane body. Then, when the crane operator pulls the switch that tells the boom to raise or lower, the boom is raised. The hydraulic system or cables do all the work.
Is it possible to add or delete the lattice part on the truck-mounted jib crane?
The grid part cannot be added or deleted on the truck-mounted crane.
Can I walk under the crane boom?
The rule is simple: “Do not stand, walk or work under a crane boom, bucket, or suspended load.” The advance planning of crane operations usually takes into account the area covered by the boom swing. When the crane operator lowers the bucket and the takeaway, the staff should stay awake.
Is the crane boom considered a suspended load?
What is a suspended load? Loads can be suspended by forklifts; wheel loaders, bridge cranes, boom cranes, and jib cranes. Essentially, anything that is lifted above the ground is considered a suspended load.



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