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Introduction of winch crane and pulley

As the name suggests, a winch truck is a truck with a winch. They do not combine two different parts into one but integrate two different machines into one device.

The winch is suitable for large projects, but of course, it can also be used to drag cars or trees off the road. There are many winches dedicated to certain purposes. Some winches are used to transport oil and gas field equipment.
What is the purpose of the winch?
The winch is used to transport heavy objects. Generally used in industrial applications, such as the loading, unloading, and relocation of fracturing tanks, drilling machinery, or oilfield machinery (such as pipe racks, pump units, or power rotary joints). Some winch trucks have flatbeds and can transport heavy loads.
Winch parts.
On the whole, the winch actually has only two parts, and they are well packed in the name. There are truck parts and winch parts. But if you want to be picky, trucks have many parts of their own. The same goes for winches.
Of course, you already have the basic vehicle parts of a truck, such as wheels, engines, and so on. You also have basic winch components such as a winch drum and motor. However, some winch trucks have cranes and pulleys for winch lines. This is because some winches must increase the load.



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