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Crane size and selection

To correctly choose the size and selection of the crane, many factors must be considered to determine the correct crane type and corresponding capacity. Should it be a heavy crane? Boom truck crane? Rough terrain crane? Before choosing a crane, you must determine the weight, size, location, range, obstacles, and other factors of the load.

crane truck 5 ton

Here are some key steps:
1.Calculate the maximum radius from the center of the pin.

  1. Confirm the total weight of the load. If you don’t know, please consider consulting an engineering professional.
  2. Determine the gap problem, whether it is the height under the ceiling or the obstacles above the head.
  3. Consider the height of the obstacle between the crane and the load.
  4. Consider the height of the hook required for the lifting equipment.
  5. Leave the distance from the boom head to the hook.
  6. Determine whether obstacles will hinder the counterweight when swinging.
  7. Verify whether the crane needs to bypass obstacles during the setup process.
  8. Determine whether special rigging equipment is needed to avoid the removal of critical plant equipment during the lifting process.
  9. Consider what arm length is needed.
  10. Ensure that the ground can support the crane. May need further testing.
  11. Determine how the crane will enter the site. Can the road and entrance accommodate it?
  12. All these factors are essential for choosing a crane for safe and successful work.



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