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Which cranes are used in construction projects?

There are many types of cranes used in the construction process of the building profession. Crane is a kind of heavy machinery equipment, it is a tower or service platform equipped with slings and rollers. They are used to improve and reduce raw materials. The most common use of cranes in the construction industry and the manufacture of super heavy equipment.Which cranes are used in construction projects?

Different types of cranes
The type of crane used in engineering construction is generally a temporary structure, which will be stabilized on the floor or installed on a motor vehicle. The operator can control the crane from the cab of the car that moves with the crane, and control the crane according to wireless communication or the key-suspended centralized control system.
Crane operator
The crane operator must be able to operate the crane thoroughly. Some operators have only received training for a particular type of crane, while other operators will know how to actually operate two or three cranes. Crane operators receive considerable compensation for their expertise and functions in the actual operation of super-heavy equipment.
Various types
Different types of cranes are used in different situations and conditions. According to the new project, work plan, and natural environment, there are 7 more commonly used crane types.

  1. Telescopic crane
    The boom given by the telescopic crane has several pipes that are mounted on each other. Then the hydraulic machine organization extends or retracts the pipe to increase or decrease the screw rod.
  2. Mobile crane
    This is also the most important type of crane, consisting of a steel tube truss or crawler chassis installed on a certain type of mobile application platform. This site can be round-test, rail-based, or even cat truck. The bottom end of the boom is fixed and can be raised or lowered according to the cable or hydraulic system.
  3. Follow the car crane
    This type of crane is installed on a tire rubber truck and has excellent maneuverability. The feet will be widened vertically or horizontally for smoothness and leveling when the crane lifts the raw materials.
  4. Vertical crane
    Vertical cranes are considered a contemporary way of balancing cranes. When fixed on the road, this type of crane generally gives the best height and lifting capacity. They are also used to construct multistory buildings.
  5. Cranes for difficult and dangerous landforms
    The crane is mounted on landing gear with four rubber tires and is designed specifically for off-road vehicle applications. When the crane lifts a large load, the feet can be widened vertically and horizontally to stabilize and level the crane. This type of crane is a single module, which means that the same engine is used to drive the landing gear and crane.
  6. Bridge crane
    This type of crane is also called a suspension crane. They are generally used in processing plants, and some can increase very heavy loads. The hoisting equipment of the crane is installed on the trolley, and the trolley will move in one direction along a load-bearing beam (sometimes two load-bearing beams). They move with a certain angle of view along the elevated road or road track. Rails are generally installed on one side of the installation area.
  7. Assembling and cutting machine
    This is also a hydraulic power crane with a fixed arm mounted on the trailer. The carrying crane is used to carry machinery and equipment to the trailer. The crane can be telescoped into several parts and can be put into a narrow indoor space when not in use. Because of its telescopic function, the crane can be easily transported.
    The construction profession uses many different types of cranes in a new project. They can be used to move super-heavy machinery or machinery. Many types of cranes can quickly and easily move machinery and equipment into trenches or down steep hills. They can move large and medium-sized pipelines from one area to another. Cranes are beneficial to the whole process of house construction, road bridges, and viaducts. They are essential assets in the building and engineering project industry.
    Cranes have become a common sight in all jobs that involve walking or raising raw materials to higher areas. Therefore, it is very important to apply suitable types of cranes in construction projects.



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