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What are the uses of floating cranes?

A floating crane is a sea vessel with a crane installed. The earliest floating crane design only converted old ships into large cranes, including installation on decks. Later, specially constructed twin-ship and semi-submersible designs replaced these modified single-ships, mainly to improve lifting capacity and stability.

Floating cranes have many uses. Offshore construction is the main task of floating cranes. Facts have proved that this is very important in the drilling industry. Since these ships can lift and operate extremely heavy large subassemblies, floating cranes can assemble large projects from many small components in most weather conditions.
In addition to the construction of drilling platforms, floating cranes are often required to salvage sunken ships and other projects. The operator can take the recovery ship to the side of the sunken ship, and cooperate with each other to lift the sunken ship to the surface. Due to poor sea conditions, these tasks tend to become increasingly difficult. Under these conditions, experienced operators and crew members are required to successfully complete the elevator.
The semi-submersible floating crane allows the project to be completed in worse waters, with less risk to the project and the crew. This type of ship arrives at the worksite and then fills the ship’s ballast tanks with seawater. This allows this structure to basically sink into the ocean. As the waves become more turbulent, they will become more stable and controllable. This also allows the crane to lift heavy objects without lifting them into the air.



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