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The main advantages of crawler cranes

Crawler cranes are cranes installed on the chassis and have a set of crawlers or crawlers to provide stability and maneuverability.

Crawler cranes make the most difficult jobs shorter. They have a wide range of lifting capabilities and are suitable for various fields including heavy foundation work.
The main advantage of crawler cranes is that they can be moved on-site, and each lift can be carried out with almost no settings because the crane track is stable and has no outriggers. Another advantage is that crawler cranes can carry loads.
The versatility of crawler cranes starts with the wide range of models available, including:
Lattice boom crawler crane.
Telescopic crawler crane.
Lattice boom truck crane.
Our crawler cranes also have many possible configurations: boom extensions, luffing boom windmill kits, ship elevators, super lifting accessories, wheeled trucks, counterweight pallets, and other modules that can be added as needed. The modular design allows you to flexibly adjust the crane according to the specific needs of the project. In order to improve transportation efficiency, the module arm section is slid in.
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