The bevel tooth wears the most at the upper edge of the carbide tip
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The bevel tooth wears the most at the upper edge of the carbide tip

Bevel teeth wear the most at the edge above the carbide tip. You may notice that the teeth fan out around the edges, forming creases around the teeth. Remember, once you find that the tip of the cemented carbide is missing, cracked, damaged or broken, you must replace your teeth.auger crane

If you find that the single-edged carbide teeth and their grooves are excessively worn-we recommend using double-edged carbide teeth instead.
Remove the conical spiral drill bit teeth.
Conical spiral drill bits can be found on our soil/rock combination spiral drill bits. Follow these first steps to delete them.

  1. Put the pin or center punch into the hole at the bottom of the bracket.
  2. Make sure that the round surface of the punch faces the bottom of the cavity and the flat surface is against the bottom of the tooth.
    Use a hammer to knock the punch into the hole to cause the tooth to fall out.
    Fourth, remove the teeth.
    Installation of conical spiral drill bit teeth.
    After taking it out, clean the pocket and replace the teeth in the following steps.
  3. Position the auger bit in a position that is easy to access to the cutting head. Fix it in place and make sure it will not fall off.
  4. Put the teeth in the alveolar to ensure that the tooth ridge is aligned with the alveolar ridge.
  5. Put the teeth of the auger bit into the pocket, and hit the teeth with a soft hammer until the tooth ridge exceeds the top of the pocket ridge. Break the tungsten tip with a standard hammer.
  6. Before starting to drill, make sure that all teeth are firmly fixed.



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