What is the difference between a truck mounted crane and a boom truck?
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What is the difference between a truck mounted crane and a boom truck?

What is the difference between a truck mounted crane and a boom truck?In the United States, the construction industry creates approximately $1.3 billion worth of buildings each year. Cranes are one of the most commonly used equipment on construction sites.
With all the different types available, lift trucks are easy to transport. Not to mention they help speed up the building process. However, there are many different options in the lift truck category, including truck cranes and boom trucks.
boom truck
A boom truck is a commercial truck equipped with a hydraulic crane. This structure provides plenty of room for manufacturers to create various variants of boom trucks.
The fixed cab is a standard truck with a boom lift at the rear. The driver can operate the boom from the front. The disadvantage of this option is that the person operating the machine cannot see its direction.
Boom truck crane type.

There are also several different types of booms. Telescopic booms work well on uneven terrain when workers need to get into difficult places.
The second type is an articulated elevator known for its ability to bend, not its height. Extension joints make it easy to adjust the crane to the exact size and position. It is also useful for workers to bypass these objects.
Two types of cranes can be selected to be installed at the end.
Boom trucks are commonly used in the industry.
Electricity, oil, gas and commercial roofing are industries that use boom trucks.
These elevators come in handy when checking the pressure and depth of an oil well before drilling. Wire companies will use boom trucks to prevent branches from interfering with power and landlines. Even landscaping companies use them to remove dead limbs.
Building sites need elevators to lay gravel on flat roofs. This method prevents heat and water exposure, which can help it last longer. Drywall companies also often use them to build high-rise structures.
Unlike boom trucks, truck cranes are built specifically to transport hydraulic cranes using their dedicated carriers. However, it is necessary to understand the capabilities of the different types of truck cranes available.
Truck crane type.
Tower cranes are used for many projects in the construction industry. They are popular because they can reach heights of over 100 feet and carry objects weighing thousands of pounds.
The crawler crane is unique because it has no wheels but a track, which helps it move around construction sites with ease. It can move around the sand without getting stuck because of its traction. Not to mention, it has perfect stability.
True to its name, the Whole Terrain Crane excels on paved roads and uneven surfaces. Their multiple axes allow them to do so, and the operator can move in any direction when they have the ability to turn the crab. Plus, they can withstand harsh weather conditions, so workers can use them at any time of the year.
The rough terrain crane with full steering and low center of gravity remains stable and safe when traversing snow, mud or gravel-covered ground. Because of the large and slow tires, workers cannot travel on public roads as they can with all-terrain cranes.



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