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What is the difference between a boom truck and an all-terrain crane?

In fact, the term is used in many different industries. For example, if you examine the tree industry, the loaders they use are called boom trucks. Drywall companies call their machines boom trucks or boom elevators. Some telescopic elevator companies also call their machines boom trucks. Therefore, it is very important to understand the application of the boom truck to determine the type of equipment.

What is the difference between a boom truck and a crane?
Historically, whenever you talk about a crane, you are referring to a hydraulic truck crane, a special-purpose conveyance designed to haul a crane.
What are the different types of cranes and boom trucks?
Crane types include tower cranes, all terrain cranes, rough terrain cranes, crawler cranes and boom trucks.
There are several types of boom trucks – namely boom trucks or cranes mounted on conventional chassis. Some machines are mounted on fifth wheel tractors called tractor mounts. Some machines are mounted on the back of the truck with the boom placed forward, called the rear bracket. Then, when you start using bigger boom trucks, some of the booms are mounted on the rear axle and the booms are placed forward. They are seat machines with either a closed cab or an open driver’s seat. They rotate with the turret.
What is the difference between rough terrain cranes and all terrain cranes?
Rough terrain cranes are usually 2-3 axle machines with large pneumatic tires. They are intended to be transported to the job site by trailer, as they are not allowed on highways, and they are intended for rough ground conditions. For the most part, they have what’s called a pick-and-handle capability, which means they can lift a load, drive with it, and the boom is in the air, but also can’t drive on the highway. It’s just a job site machine.
In contrast, all terrain cranes have multiple axes. Larger hydraulic cranes are usually all terrain cranes. They will have multiple driveshafts and can travel on the freeway at reasonable highway speeds. In a way, they can travel on fairly rough terrain, but not like rough terrain cranes. In some cases, they have what’s called a crab turn, where all the axes turn at the same time, so you can move the machine in all directions.



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