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What does truck mounted crane mean?

A truck mounted crane is a truck with a crane on the rear side or behind the car cab to carry goods from the main deck of the truck. It is sometimes referred to as Hiab after the original manufacturer. It is not the same as a mobile crane, which does not carry anything other than the machinery and equipment used to lift and raise the load.

Types of Truck Mounted Cranes
Double boom cranes are often used for vehicle recycling. They don’t have the operational flexibility to get into tough indoor spaces like a knuckle-boom crane. The knuckle jib crane can reach into interior spaces, such as windows on the fourth floor, due to the additional attachments in the jib.
Advantages of truck mounted cranes
Truck mounted cranes are very flexible:
If no crane is used, it can still be used as a truck and can be carried by electric forklift
They can easily navigate the workplace
If the volume is less than 10 tons, the corresponding truck permit can be used for actual operation (for cranes exceeding 10 tons, operators are required to have a truck-carrying crane high-risk work permit, unless they are operated by a licensed motor vehicle-carrying crane. staff supervision).
It is more cost-effective than dedicated mobile cranes
It can add accessories for extra versatility, such as auger drills and staff cages.
How to operate a truck mounted crane?
Use retarders or PTOs to power the crane.
Most newer truck-mounted cranes incorporate adjustment equipment on either side of the car and a remote operating module that allows the operator to view the load from a distance.
The controller allows the operator to do most things except deploy the feet
The truck driver can actually operate the crane, starting with the feet.
The crane on a truck carrying crane is only designed to lift objects on and off the truck itself. The crane rating table describes the limitations of the crane.
The crane rating data chart shows that when the jib is fully flexed and extended, the maximum lifting weight of the crane at the jib level is 1040KG, and assuming that the foot is fully flexed and extended, the basic theoretical maximum value is 5850KG.



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