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What does a hydraulic crane do?

Hydraulic crane is heavy equipment used for lifting and hoisting. Unlike smaller cranes that rely on electric or diesel-powered motors, hydraulic cranes include an internal hydraulic system that allows the crane to add heavier loads. This hydraulic system enables the crane to transport heavy containers, tractors, and trailers with size and reach far exceeding any other lifting equipment.

Each hydraulic crane can be fitted with an enclosed cab on a steel base. Some of these cranes may be mounted on wheels or rails, while others may be stationary. In the cab, the operator controls an arm called a boom. Many hydraulic cranes have telescopic booms that allow the operator to reach objects to extend the length of the boom for greater distances. Cables, blocks, and hooks attached to the boom can be fastened to different objects so that the crane can safely lift or lift the equipment.
The crane’s engine powers the hydraulic pump, which applies pressure to the oil or fluid in the hydraulic system. Since the oil cannot be compressed, the oil transmits this force to the rest of the crane. Hydraulic systems help improve power and performance by redirecting this force to objects.
Hydraulic cranes are rated according to their total lifting capacity, which is a factor in the strength of their structure and hydraulic system. For example, a 10-ton crane can lift 10 tons (9070 kg). Each hydraulic crane must be carefully selected according to the needs of a specific project, as lifting overload can cause the crane to fail.
Different hydraulic crane designs make it easier for users to perform specific tasks. Those on rails or on wheels are probably best suited for construction sites, while many shipyards and warehouses rely on overhead cranes. Smaller hydraulic cranes can even be found on boats or trucks, such as our folding boom cranes.



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