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What are the types of mobile cranes?

Compared with fixed cranes, mobile cranes have many advantages. They are easy to reach the worksite, require very few settings, and can handle a variety of terrain and specific site problems. There are more than a dozen different types of mobile cranes. The following are the most commonly used.

Truck-mounted cranes account for approximately 75% of all cranes in use today. This type of crane is suitable for a wide range of work, can lift 14.5 to 1,300 tons, and can travel on highways without transportation. Many truck cranes can rotate 360 ​​degrees.
Side lifter
Side lift cranes are permanently installed on top of flatbed trucks or railway vehicles. These types of cranes are most commonly used for loading and unloading containers, but there are also some construction applications.
These cranes can range from the paved highway to the rocky landscape of the worksite. They can reach the speed required for driving on public highways and have the power to handle various construction tasks. The main asset of the heavy equipment industry is its versatility. The ground crane can handle up to 1,300 tons of weight.
Rough terrain
As the name suggests, these cranes are equipped with engines and wheels and can easily pass through unpaved areas and challenging landscapes. Rugged ground cranes are ideal for off-road areas, which may pose challenges for other types of cranes. Therefore, compared with other types of cranes, mobile cranes that use rough terrain require less site preparation. Rugged ground cranes are four-wheel-drive vehicles that usually run on engines to power the landing gear and boom.
Telescopic forklift
The telescopic boom crane is essentially a forklift with a telescopic boom. These cranes can be driven 360 degrees and are usually used to move brick pallets or hoist frame trusses.
Crawler crane
These heavy cranes move on crawlers (called crawlers) instead of on wheels. Their main advantages are stability and can handle weights up to 3,500 tons. These cranes are unlikely to get stuck in the mud. However, they must be transported to the construction site by dismantled vehicles or trucks.



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