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What are the characteristics of truck cranes?

Truck cranes are trucks that have a crane in the back or behind the cab to load and unload cargo from the truck deck. Unlike mobile cranes, mobile cranes carry nothing but equipment for lifting and raising loads.
Knuckle boom crane. It has two booms and a hook attached to the end of the outer boom. The main boom is extended and the hook on the cable is used to adjust the load height.

Single boom cranes are often used for vehicle recycling. They are not as flexible as knuckle cranes. A knuckle jib crane can reach into spaces, such as fourth-floor windows, because of the extra articulation on the jib.
Advantages of truck mounted cranes.
Cranes are very flexible:
If a crane is not required, it can still be used as a truck or loaded with a forklift.
They can easily access the workplace.
If the capacity is less than 10 tons, it can be operated with the appropriate truck permit (Crane over 10 tons requires a high risk work permit to operate a vehicle loaded crane unless supervised by a licensed vehicle loaded crane operator).
It is cheaper than a dedicated mobile crane.
It can add accessories for extra versatility such as augers and personnel cages.
How to control the truck crane?
Most new truck cranes are mounted on controls and remote control units on both sides of the vehicle, allowing the operator to observe the load from a safe distance.
Aside from deploying the outriggers, the remote allows the operator to do most things.
The truck driver can operate the crane by first deploying the outriggers.
The crane on a truck loading crane is only designed to lift the cargo and the truck itself. The crane rating table describes the limitations of the crane.



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