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What are the advantages of a knuckle crane?

A Knuckle boom crane, also known as a truck-mounted crane, articulated crane, or pick-up crane, is a machine used to lift heavy objects. Although it looks like a traditional crane, it has a unique feature: the boom can be folded like fingers. All knuckle boom cranes have two arms-a main booms and an outer boom-which are connected by a knuckle. This function makes the knuckle boom crane more flexible and versatile than standard cranes. Knuckle boom cranes are used in various applications. Industries such as transportation, construction, forestry, and mining use knuckle boom cranes to load and unload goods. Knuckle boom cranes can be installed on trucks, ships, docks, and rail vehicles.

What are the advantages of a knuckle crane?
Knuckle boom cranes have greater payload capacity than other types of cranes and provide greater truck payload capacity. This is because it is more compact and lighter. Since the crane is very light, the truck can easily accommodate ordinary cargo and the weight of the installed crane. The heavy machine can be used to load and unload goods in a small space. Knuckle boom cranes are widely used in Europe because the roads there are narrower than in North America. However, knuckle boom cranes are becoming more and more popular in other parts of the world. Many countries/regions have found that cranes have the advantages of being as effective as standard models but easier to use in confined spaces. Can be used for horizontal hoisting knuckle cranes with horizontal extensions, which can provide longer extension distances at a lower overall height. Therefore, these cranes can effectively improve the level of cargo. Even in low headroom and small spaces, the knuckle boom crane can be used without damaging the site. Your company has no travel restrictions, and you never have to worry about transporting company cranes from one site to another. Since the knuckle boom crane is friendly to loaders, it can be installed on any vehicle or ship, and there are basically no travel restrictions, including sea travel. For example, if you install an articulated crane on a truck or ship, it can be installed anywhere the truck or ship can be installed. When you install a knuckle boom crane on a ship, it can travel anywhere on the ship. Unlike other crane types, knuckle boom cranes can be equipped with accessories to improve their functions. When the correct attachments of the knuckle boom are matched, the knuckle boom crane can lift and move in a very efficient manner. Examples of accessories that can be added to a knuckle boom include buckets, pallet forks, and brick/block grabs. The knuckle boom crane includes a variety of installation configurations to meet the needs of any industry. If you need to transport heavy objects to the construction site, you can install a knuckle boom crane on your truck. When you need to load heavy cargo on a ship, you can install a truck crane on the ship or dock. Compared with other crane types, knuckle boom cranes provide operators with better load control. This means that the load of the knuckle boom crane can be placed exactly where it should be placed. Operators of knuckle boom cranes will find that from the ground to the top of the building, the cargo can easily move to wherever it should be.



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