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Various types of trailers and advantages

When you talk about trailers, most people imagine a super large pickup truck with screw rods, cables, and hooks on the back. But this is actually older and less effective equipment. Here is a brief description of various different types of trailers and their advantages. The next time you have to talk to the wrecker, it will most likely show off.
5 key different types of trailers
Also called a wrecker, here is the most common type of trailer. The different type lies in the interface mode of the vehicle, and the role of this type is also composed of various components. Trailers are also classified by net weight. You will introduce it in detail in the next section.

Hook and chain
Hook and chain trailers are older wreckers. Literally, they are connected to the tow truck with a hook and chain. This generally causes the human body or other hazards. Therefore, the following small and medium tow trucks should be composed of traction rods, rubber plates, and belt elevators. They should actually be called boom trucks, but the old names usually survive.
Car wheel car lift
The wheel test lift trailer has a large metal egg yolk, which is located under the driving wheels of the vehicle. The hydraulic lifting platform lifts the wheel from the road surface, so the transfer case has no risk of wear or damage.
The integrated trailer, also known as fully automatic loading and cutting machine or gate hoist, combines the heavy boom and the wheel test bucket elevator into a module. They connect quickly to each other, so they are often used to retrieve them.
If you are demanding, tablet trailers are actually not easy to tow. They put them next to a large tablet computer bed and installed all the net weight of the vehicle. They are now the most common because they can handle all kinds of vehicles from motorcycles to SUVs. Coupled with being run over by the tires, the vehicle is completely fixed, so there is no wheel rotation (important for 4-wheel propulsion), no shaking, and no shaking. They are also a satisfactory choice for vehicles that are visibly damaged and cannot be turned over. The electric winch pulls the vehicle or truck up the ramp, or better yet, the tablet bed is tilted in front for immediate transport.
This is the biggest and worst destroyer (it can be said to be a big-name star in the TV series “Highway through Rebirth Purgatory”). They are like a large and medium-sized engineering building lifting equipment with heavy arms, which can rotate 360 ​​degrees and can extend to about 30 inches. This gives them the strength and coordination ability to solve the most difficult situations. However, the cost has increased by 400,000 US dollars, and there are not many surrounding areas.
Traction workability
When you specify towing service items, apart from the part you belong to, the first problem is the type of vehicle. This will inform the attendant which types of trailers are suitable. Different sizes have different requirements for safe driving/operator business licenses.
relaxing work
The light tractor is compact and flexible and requires low headroom. Their towing capacity is 5-10 tons, limited to cars, light trucks, and small and medium SUVs.
Small and medium
Small and medium towing wreckers contain most of the flatbed, with a volume of 15-20 tons.
Heavy burden
The super-heavy towing wrecker is manufactured according to the chassis of a semi-truck, with a cargo capacity of 25-50 tons. Rotors are generally in the range of 50-75 tons.
At the end
You can generally rely on a crashed company to deliver accurate trucks. But now that you understand the basics, please don’t be ashamed to conduct a two-way inspection with the attendant.



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