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Urban mobile cranes can be dispersed to different locations

On any construction site, mobile cranes are used to do all the dirty work. They are synonymous with lifting objects of any shape and size to the sky, but their power should not be underestimated. But how much weight can they lift?

Some cranes can lift more than 1,000 tons effortlessly, but mobile cranes provide a more dynamic service than those big robotic beasts that deadlift all day. While mobile cranes and tower cranes are much more usable and mobile, they also have to roll up their sleeves to help transfer some of the weight.
Before we start detailing specific load charts, let’s add some context for comparison. In building construction, a typical tower crane can add around 20 tons of unsupported weight depending on conditions and still move objects relatively easily.
However, don’t be fooled by the fact that tower cranes are used for construction. In most cases, mobile cranes have limited lifting heights, but the weight often dwarfs tower cranes.
Flexible urban mobile cranes are fast and lightweight compared to other mobile cranes, but you can still use these machines to add 13-70 tons of weight. Urban mobile cranes can disperse to different locations and lift considerable weights.
In stark contrast to city cranes, all-terrain mobile cranes are proving to be a sturdy alternative when working on steep ground. The all-terrain mobile crane has a lifting capacity of up to 160 tons and also doubles the mobile crane’s load while still locking securely in place.



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