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Truck mounted cranes must be regularly maintained

Truck mounted cranes should be inspected and inspected according to the application and current conditions. Learn more about our truck crane service program.
Like all mechanical equipment, truck mounted cranes must be regularly maintained and overhauled to ensure that they are in good operating condition. An incorrect thing is likely to cause obvious damage and destruction, not to mention the safety of the office environment for many people and the harm to production if a more serious problem occurs.The mistake that many companies often make when using super-heavy lifting equipment is that people always repair it when it is broken. However, if you maintain and overhaul your hoisting equipment regularly, it should serve you well for many years without a day of downtime.
Now let’s take a look at how often the truck crane service project should be carried out, why, and who should do it in the truck crane inspection work?
Truck crane service items and inspection data
How often should a truck mounted crane be maintained?
Every truck-mounted crane comes with a manufacturer’s proposal for inspection clearances. Most lifting equipment should be serviced on an annual basis, and in some of these services that must be more on-time, the reality is the work they do and the standard of work they do.
At ConcordCranes, it is recommended that your truck mounted cranes be serviced at least once a year, along with more regular inspections.
How often should a truck mounted crane be inspected?
All lifting equipment service items are carried out once a year, but depending on the working intensity of the lifting equipment, routine inspections can be carried out on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. During each inspection period, some necessary inspection points must be completed. Such inspection points become part of the inspection details of the truck mounted crane and should be carried out during each inspection. All in all, the inspection regulations for this truck mounted crane are:
Check that all controls are in good working order, i.e. speed, smoothness, and fitness motion controls
Check if emergency and protection switches are working
Check whether all fitness sports parts are well lubricated
Use verified test chips to check whether all load and volume index values ​​are accurate
Check if all level gauges are full
Check that all filters are removed
Check that all parts of the structure are in order
Check whether all core components are intact, such as braking system, transmission gear, standard parts, rope locks, electrical equipment, etc.
Check whether all the signs are clear and uncovered, that is, warning signs and manipulation signs
Guarantee that the wheel is not damaged
This is the key detection point in all routine inspections. If anything is found during the inspection, the technical engineer should propose a full range of service and repair work. After each inspection, all inspection results should be recorded in the truck-mounted crane inspection report to ensure that you have a written record of daily inspections for health and safety compliance reasons.



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