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The telescopic truck operator certification method

Safety first! Everyone expects it to be one of your values. In the hands of trained operators, cranes are a very reasonable way to enhance and place cargo. However, for operators without professional training, the same crane is likely to cause asset and physical damage.The telescopic truck operator certification method
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is aware of the risks inherent in crane and telescopic truck applications and has announced policies and regulations that require operators to lift more than 2,000 pounds using rated values.

Ways to be certified as a telescopic truck operator
OSHA’s new rules describe many different methods for crane operators to meet the requirements for the certification of boom truck operators. The most common method is that the operator is certified according to the crane operator inspection organization recognized by our country. Practical activities and written examination questions are developed with management methods, and operators are certified according to the volume and type of machinery and equipment. The validity period of the certification of this kind of unit is five years.
Other methods of obtaining certification as a boom truck operator include qualifications under the customer’s separate audit program, conditions of the U.S. Department of Defense, or compliance with state or regional approval requirements that are at least as stringent as the federal government’s basic guidelines. Here you can get an overview of the certification requirements for boom truck operators in various states in the United States.
The certification requirements apply to operators of cranes with a lifting capacity exceeding 2,000 pounds used in buildings. The equipment covered by this rule includes Elliott BoomTruck and HiReach equipment rated for lifting capacity exceeding 2,000 pounds. The actual operation of excavator gantry cranes is generally controlled by this rule, but when used to make holes for poles, they are not restricted.
Inquire about OSHA’s current height work service platform rules here. The current rules for operators of heavy boom trucks and gantry cranes are here.
OSHA also requires customers to learn and train operators to safely operate crane machinery and equipment, regardless of the lifting capacity.
OSHA has made a minor exception to the certification regulations. If the operators are not certified, they will only have to actually operate the cranes covered by this rule after November 2018, provided that they meet the OSHA definition of “learning and training operators”, which includes sufficient information from the owner. The course training is based on the safety of the actual operation of the crane and is constantly supervised by the operator’s training instructor. The types of elevators that participating operators can perform are also limited.



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