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Standard fork slots allow forklifts to move crane baskets

The crane gondola is a human gondola supported by a crane, also known as a suspended personnel platform, a crane cage, and a construction gondola. Its design, manufacturing, and testing comply with all federal and OSHA regulations related to overhead lifting.

Each crane basket includes standard features, such as a 42-inch high mesh side, a lockable self-closing revolving front door, a reinforced mesh roof, and four hook points on the top, which are connected to overhead lifting equipment. The safety belt hooks around the entire circumference can be connected to almost anywhere in the basket. The standard fork groove allows the forklift to move the crane basket.
The manned gondola supported by the crane must be tested every time it is used. The test weight must be 1.25 times the weight of the basket. Our test weight is equipped with the necessary cables to fix the weight on the basket.
For cranes
Includes transport fork bag.
The revolving door closes automatically.
The hook point of the crane and the test weight.
Reinforced mesh roof
Tested and certified.
Crane baskets of special sizes can be provided. When used with a complete seat belt and lanyard, it meets all OSHA requirements.



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