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What is a ship crane?Different cranes are needed at sea

The two key areas of offshore oil exploration, production and shipping have promoted the development of the entire marine industry. Although there are many activities in these two departments, moving heavy objects from one place to another is a very important activity. The demand for high-quality rigging equipment is also key. In order to meet the safety standards and extreme environmental conditions of the shipbuilding industry, the rigging company has launched a variety of products.so,What is a ship crane?Different cranes are needed at sea

There are many equipment on the sea rope. A crane is such a device. Suitable for various lifting operations in the shipbuilding industry. Cranes are used to move and handle various heavy objects. They can also be used to transport materials or people to or from ships, barges and structures.
Various offshore rigging companies provide a series of heavy cranes for offshore and offshore operations. The design of this type of crane must consider many factors such as stress, load, and offshore operating environment. The crane is generally selected according to its carrying capacity. Lifting capacity also depends on many factors, including crane installation structure (ie bottom support, semi-submersible, shell).
The lifting equipment can be placed on the ship’s internal space and drilling platform (deck), or installed beside the dock. Its activities may include:
Equipment on transshipment and platform;
Move equipment around the deck; and.
Sinking or recycling of equipment, including equipment placed on the seabed.
Although cranes are used in marine environments, they may face the following challenges:
Hull motion and stability;
Climate, wind and sea power;
Neighboring buildings and ships;
Seabed suction and dynamic load; and.
Sound, light, water spray, etc.
These are some standard cranes on the market. Various marine activities require different cranes. To this end, BOB-LIFT company provides various cranes according to customer requirements. When you buy a crane, it is recommended that you buy a trustworthy company that can provide annual service and product quality.



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