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Need to customize the perfect truck mounted crane for you?

Truck cranes, also known as boom trucks, are different from other types of cranes. With the help of retractable arms, removable work platforms, wireless remote control, and available excavator kits, boom trucks are more than just a lifting material!

Do you know how to ask the right questions to customize the perfect boom truck for you? In this blog, we’ll help you find what works for you and your business.
How much do you need to lift? Where would you put it? By knowing how much you need to add, and where you will place the load, you can quickly view the load chart for a specific model to determine which model will meet your needs!
While the maximum weight is typically 60 tonnes, jib trucks typically have longer jibs than other cranes, allowing loads to be placed at higher heights or away from the centerline.
what did you do? Since the jib truck crane is mounted on the chassis, you have the opportunity to add accessories or bodywork that best suits your application. The best variables that influence which machine is whether your application requires heavy or light trucks, long drives, or use on rough terrain.
Can you hang people with a crane? Boom trucks can optionally be equipped with a work platform that, in addition to increasing the load, can also position people.
Do you anticipate any challenges? When your app takes you off-road, it usually takes more off-road vehicles because of the off-road vehicles.
Does your job require a full 360-degree operation? The definition of the work area allows different diagrams in different locations to affect the mounting and outriggers. For example, a crane mounted on the rear axle will allow for greater improvements behind the truck as the chassis will provide the weight. Cranes mounted behind a truck cab can usually store more beds but may require front stabilizers, especially in 360-degree operation. The arm truck can also be customized with a command post control station that rotates 360 degrees with the arm to provide optimized visibility and operator comfort.
Do you have other special needs on the job site? You can equip your crane with accessories to help you get the job done quickly and efficiently.



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