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Introduction to the arm of a bucket truck

The operation of the bucket truck does not need to be a big purple mystery. We break down the different parts of the bucket truck here to show how they can do very important work on the open road.

Big arm
The arm of the bucket truck is the most important part of the vehicle. The arm is the arm on the back of the truck. The bucket is connected to it, and the bucket can be raised to the required height. Depending on the model, the arm can lift the bucket truck to more than 70 feet. With the help of an electric motor, the arm is powered by a hydraulic system.
Bucket trucks often come into contact with active power sources in wires and cables and are insulated with dialectical fiberglass to prevent them from conducting electricity. This greatly reduces the chance of electric shock for workers working in and around the truck.
The chassis is the truck component of a bucket truck. The most common bucket truck models are Mercedes-Benz, Dodge, and Ford. They can support up to 2000 pounds, depending on their work.



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