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How to choose a knuckle boom crane and a telescopic boom truck?

Deciding which device to buy can be a difficult choice, especially when time and resources are limited. The decision can be more difficult for a boom truck and a folding arm crane, as their work applications and functions are similar. While there are many reasons to choose any crane, it usually comes down to the customer’s personal preferences and intended work application. Arm trucks and arm folding cranes offer distinct advantages depending on the intended use.

Which crane is right for me?
The first step in determining which type of crane to buy is to consider where and how you plan to use it. These truck cranes can be used in a variety of work applications such as power line maintenance and construction for transmission and distribution infrastructure, tree trimming and demolition, material transport, and general day trade construction purposes. In addition, it is important to understand the basic structural differences of each crane.
To better assist you in choosing the crane you need, we’ll cover the work applications and basic features that apply to both types of equipment.
knuckle boom crane
A knuckle jib crane (also known as an articulated crane) is heavy equipment designed to raise loads with various attachments, handle and convey materials, and work at the tip of the jib. These cranes are lightweight and maneuverable for maximum payloads in tight spaces.
Telescopic Boom Truck
Jib truck cranes or telescopic cranes use high jib angles and hoists to raise the load. These cranes are specifically designed for strength and stability and are typically used to lift heavy loads vertically.
Job application
Load placement, load weight, and transport capacity are important factors to consider when deciding which type of crane is best for your daily work needs.
When it comes to loading placement, a folding jib crane can be a good choice for moving loads point-to-point, while a truck jib crane is sometimes better at moving loads vertically or upwards and through obstacles such as structures or trees.
If you are considering the size and weight of the load, you need to move the heavy load further away, preferably with a jib truck crane. Larger loads that need to be moved to the construction site are best carried by a knuckle jib crane, as it does not restrict the jib from being stored on the bed.



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