Customized solutions for portable gantry cranes
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Customized solutions for portable gantry cranes

Gantry cranes use their own legs as supports, rather than beams or other fixtures in the facility. Indoor gantry cranes may have one or more beams, and multi-beam models are more suitable for heavy work. There are four main types of gantry cranes, each of which is suitable for specific applications:
The most popular full gantry crane has two outriggers running along the track. The track is usually embedded in the work surface, so trucks, forklifts and other vehicles can easily pass.
This type of gantry crane has only one leg. The other side of the crane runs along the track of the wall to save space. Full gantry cranes and half gantry cranes are very common in heavy lifting manufacturing.

Portable gantry crane. These cranes are fixed on wheels, allowing them to move throughout the facility and are easy to store. Portable gantry cranes are most suitable for light lifting tasks. Portable gantry cranes are usually used to carry loads, so workers can easily access it for maintenance or modification. Portable gantry cranes have countless uses in manufacturing and warehouse environments.
Adjustable gantry crane. Another light option can adjust the span or height of the crane to manage different types of loads. These cranes are often used in warehouses and manufacturing environments with variable loads.
The main factors affecting the design of gantry cranes.
Choosing the right crane to work is very important. Depending on your application, you may need to customize the gantry crane design. Ensure that the crane is suitable for its expected working conditions, facility layout and load requirements. The following factors will affect the gantry design:
Arm length and span.
When determining the arm length and span, first consider the size of the working area and the size and weight of the maximum load. This is the beginning of the gantry crane design. Determine how much the crane needs and how much weight it must reliably support or add.
Indoor or outdoor use.
The operating environment of the crane will determine the ideal materials and decorations for the manufacture of various components. Taking into account extreme temperatures and fluctuations, weather exposure and harsh operating conditions, it helps guide the selection of appropriate materials and finishing processes.
Fixed or rotating axle end trucks.
Indoor cranes usually use fixed axle trucks because they mainly stay in one place. Outdoor cranes may need to walk through the yard, where dirt and debris that can affect performance can be collected. There are few truck parts at the end of the rotating shaft, and lubrication is used to block dust and debris.
Gantry cranes are widely used, economical, efficient, and easy to maintain, but they are slow to move loads. If speed is your top priority, you may want to consider using a different type of crane. Attempting to move the load faster than the gantry crane allows, this may cause an accident or damage the load or equipment.
Power transmission.
Cable reels are a common choice for power supply, because spring-loaded or motor-driven designs can release and recycle cables as needed. Installing a cable reel on the swivel provides the ability to work in multiple directions, but the disadvantage is that the cable will sag when using long cables. This can cause ground walking and car traffic problems. Custom solutions may include a series of poles and beams designed to keep wires away from the ground. For portable gantry cranes, a longer extension cord may be sufficient, or the crane can simply be placed near the power source.
Common applications of gantry cranes
Some indoor gantry cranes can lift up to 5 tons, so they can be used in a range of applications such as shipyards, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and forging plants. Gantry cranes have versatility and reliability when lifting large and heavy parts, raw materials and heavy finished parts.



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