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The difference between a small excavator and a crusher

If you want to know what a small crusher and crusher are, the answer is simple. They make any demolition work easier and more efficient.
These accessories are compact and easy to transport and move. Small crushers and small crushers are also suitable for most standard demolition excavators, so you don’t have to worry about incompatibility.
These excavator attachments may be small, but they are enough to get the job done. These powerful fixed-head crushers and hydraulic crushers are ideal for top-down and secondary dismantling.

What are small crushers and crushers?
Small crushers and crushers are small machines that can help concrete to be processed and recycled during the demolition process. The machine crushes the hard concrete with a strong jaw and separates it from the internal steel bars. The small size of the small crusher and the crusher make it easy to install on a small excavator. After removing the steel bars from the demolished concrete, small crushers and crushers can decompose the concrete into new concrete, cement, asphalt or gravel for future use. Some crushers and crushers are fixed, some are rotating.
Used for small crushers and crushers.
Small crushers and crushers can be used in many industries, including coal, mining, recycling, and construction. They are convenient for landscaping, roadbeds, construction sites and many other applications.

  1. Recycle concrete debris.
    Concrete is very strong and does not decompose easily in landfills. While constructing the new building, the old building needs to be demolished so that it is located in the new building. Most buildings contain up to 80% concrete, so where are the piles of rubble? Landfills really can’t hold all of this. To be honest, this is a waste of precious resources.
    Concrete crushers and small crushers are used to crush concrete, and then new cement or aggregate can be made. Recycled concrete is very durable and resistant to various elements, sunlight, pests and impact. Therefore, you can not only save money, but also do some beneficial things for the environment.
    Separate the steel bar from the concrete.
    Small crushers and crushers are powerful enough to cut strong steel bars (or steel bars) and light steel structures. These accessories are what you need to quickly decompose and separate steel bars from concrete.
    Because you will not transport huge steel structures, you will save a lot of transportation costs. In addition, you don’t have to throw away anything, because shredded steel bars can be sold as scrap or used to make recycled steel.
  2. Turn concrete into gravel.
    The concrete crusher and the crusher crush reinforced concrete from the building demolition site. Small crushers and crushers can turn 2 feet of concrete blocks into gravel fillings, which can be used for pipeline laying, roads and other applications.


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