Crane tonnage introduction
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Crane tonnage introduction

Generally speaking, the tonnage rating of a crane depends on how much weight it can pick up about 5 feet away from the sales center. However, when you move away from this point, the capacity of the crane will decrease. In addition, the higher you have to lift an item, the more booms you have to push out, which also reduces capacity.

How to determine the lifting capacity?
Here are some key steps:
Calculate the maximum radius from the sales center.
Confirm the total weight of the load.
Whether it is the height under the ceiling or the obstacle above the head, determine the gap problem.
Consider the height of the obstacle between the crane and the load.
Consider the height of the hook required for the lifting equipment.
How do you read the crane load diagram?
How to read the load chart?
The chart shows the size and weight of the crane.
Improve ability-this is where the miracle happens.
Lifting range-Lifting range is as important as lifting capacity.
Lifting angle-This figure shows the maximum lift when using a luffing or fixed jib.



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