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How to improve the working efficiency of cranes and the safety of operators?

Proper crane maintenance can improve the efficiency of the crane and the safety of the operator. Although every action should have a detailed emergency plan, in the event of an accident, appropriate preventive measures and preventive measures should be taken to avoid unexpected shutdowns caused by accidents. This blog post will discuss how to prevent crane failures.
Inspection and maintenance

In addition to the actual equipment operation, the inspection crane operators should also receive training, properly inspect all equipment, and master maintenance techniques. The operator is the first line of defense against accidental equipment failure. Lifting operators should conduct physical inspections of the equipment every day.
General visual inspection should include:
Check whether the hoisted wire rope is damaged.
Check whether the hook lock is worn.
Inspect the chain for signs of wear or deterioration.
Look for signs of electrical malfunction.

Daily inspections and regular maintenance will help identify potential problems before they evolve into larger problems. In addition to the monthly or annual inspection period, daily inspections also provide an additional troubleshooting layer for the hoist.
In addition to these daily inspections, you should arrange for routine inspections by trained professionals. More comprehensive monthly drills and thorough annual inspections will keep your lifting equipment in normal operation and avoid high costs for OSHA violations.
Keep an inventory of parts.
Although preventive maintenance is necessary, some problems are difficult to find before failure occurs. Ensure that a large number of vulnerable parts and components are kept in inventory to minimize failure during replacement. Your crane dealer should have a list of recommended spare parts that can be used at any time, but the general list of usual replacement parts may include:
Motor and control fuse
Car contactor
Raise the safety lock.
Button station
With these and other key parts at hand, you can repair your equipment right away. When you wait for the supplier to deliver the goods to your factory, if you do not leave the frequently used parts in your factory, the downtime of your machine will be extended by a few hours or days.
As the old saying goes, it is better to have parts without parts than without parts. Finally, maintaining your own parts list will give you peace of mind because you know that potential equipment downtime will be minimized. You can find a list of alternative products in our product catalog.
Use equipment as required.
Many cranes fail because the equipment exceeds its capacity. In order to get work done faster, operators sometimes succumb to the temptation to ignore the weight limit and put excessive pressure on the equipment. Pushing your lifting equipment beyond the limit may cause equipment failure, or even worse, a catastrophic accident.
The focus is on operating personnel and supervisors to comply with safety requirements. Operators must receive all training and certifications related to their special lifting equipment to make them aware of its limitations. In addition, the operator must understand the surrounding environment and comply with appropriate regulations to ensure the safety of himself and those around him.



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