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Choose the crane and equipment that suits you

Reliable equipment is essential to your business. Keep the process running, protect the materials, and improve the safety of employees. Forklifts must be well balanced, and overhead cranes must be strong and stable enough to lift heavy loads. Unfortunately, although there are safety standards, cranes often exceed their limits. Like all equipment, cranes will wear out over time, and their capacity will decrease over,Choose the crane and equipment that suits you

What can you do when your bridge crane is no longer suitable for the job you need? You can replace your crane or rebuild it. In this blog post, we will understand the pros and cons of each solution to help you make the best decision for your company.
Why should it be replaced?
In the short term, when problems arise, it is easy to choose faster and cheaper equipment repair options. However, depending on the cause of the problem, these early savings may affect the long-term performance of your crane and reduce employee safety in the long run.
The following are signs of the allocation of funds for new cranes:
Security Question. Don’t compromise on employee safety. Track the frequency of injuries and breakdowns, especially when you can’t determine the cause of these problems. If you are not sure whether these problems are serious enough to require replacement, please contact a professional to inspect your crane and make suggestions.
Repair repeatedly. Repairing occasionally does not mean it is time to scrap your crane. However, if repairs have become a routine habit, or every repair seems to cause more problems, then it’s time to replace your crane or key components.
Reduce efficiency. Check the performance data of the crane. Does its speed or carrying capacity decrease over time? Is it more difficult for your workers to operate the crane? Although these changes may seem small at first, they will eventually affect your operational efficiency and profitability.
Expired warranty. If the warranty period of a component or system has passed, then its best days may have passed. Many parts also have a replacement schedule recommended by the manufacturer. It is best to replace expired components as soon as possible.
Why rebuild?
If your crane is sturdy in structure and not aging or damaged, rebuilding can extend its service life without sacrificing safety or effectiveness. Overhaul or upgrade may be everything you need to minimize failures, improve reliability, comply with safety standards, and protect operators.
In some cases, other intact cranes may be ideal for maintenance/reconstruction.
Insufficient capacity. Old-fashioned cranes have limited carrying capacity, but.
Technological improvements over the past few decades have meant that many old cranes can be retrofitted to handle heavier loads.
A particular system has crashed. Individual crane systems will degrade over time. Systems that were once sufficient may no longer meet the needs of modern manufacturing. By updating elevators, drive controls, hydraulics, computers or other systems, you can make the originally sound cranes have more good years.
The safety features have worn out. Safety facilities such as railings, sidewalks, steps, and ladders may wear out longer than your crane. Upgrading these features allows you to continue to use your crane and still comply with relevant safety standards.



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