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Bucket truck introduction

Bucket trucks have become one of the main means of transportation for telecommunications, forestry, local utility companies, and construction companies. They enable workers to safely reach a height of 125 feet and allow the bucket to be repositioned to reach locations where ladders or shear elevators cannot or are unsafe.

Bucket forklifts are classified by OSHA as boom trucks with a wide range of mobility and are very suitable for the following applications:
Logo maintenance
Telecommunications and utility line services.
Tree care
The cost is often mainly affected by the type of truck selected and the height of the platform. Standard light-duty bucket trucks used for daily facility maintenance, utility services, or similar purposes are expected to pay between 37,000 and 14,000 US dollars. The price of heavy trucks for a series of high-altitude missions such as construction and forestry is between 84,000 and 37,000 US dollars.
Generally speaking, when you start to compare models, you need to keep two things in mind. It is worth noting that one will directly affect the other. These include:
Type of work: When considering frequent tasks and construction sites, consider the total weight of the bucket truck, the necessity of side extension function (if the common work area is removed from the passage), and whether the material handling capacity is sufficient.
Body type: The body type you choose will depend on your intended use. Service agencies are usually made of steel, aluminum, and fiberglass, with fuel efficiency, durability, storage space, and style (this is an important factor for many vehicles to own company trucks or road-mobile offices).



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